Intercepting Flutter iOS Application

Sharing my experience of how I have intercepted the traffic of Flutter based iOS application for dynamic analysis, Also we will see the root detection and SSL verification bypass method I have used. [Read More]

Client Side Encryption Bypass Part-3

In this blog, we will continue from where we left off in Part-1 and Part-2 of Client-Side Encryption Bypass series. We will see - how to create script using the application's encryption logic to fuzz encrypted parameters? We will mainly focus on the use of snippet and console feature of... [Read More]

Client Side Encryption Bypass Part-2

In this blog, we will continue from where we left off Part-1 in this Client-side Encryption Bypass Series. We will see some cool tips and tricks related to DevTools, which will be helpful to you when trying to break the encryption logic on your own. [Read More]

Client Side Encryption Bypass Part-1

In this blog we will discuss the extra security layer implemented inside the application - encryption mechanism. It will be a series of how to break the client side encryption, add payload to the actual parameter and perform the application security testing. [Read More]